How are we organized?

We have three intervention areas:

Work approach

Our work approach responds to a holistic (integrated) intervention model, since every organization is a living system. What does this mean?
An organizational need can respond to an emerging problem or it can be something planned, aligned to the business strategy. In both cases, we make our approach considering three perspectives:
A topic of potencial or performance never escapes the organizations strategy.
For a strategy to be delivered into actions, its culture must adapt, otherwise it will be destroyed by the status quo.
This required Culture requires the Talent of leaders and teams that transform and develop it.
Each intervention area has different services, to which we have given their own entity. These services are often combined according to the intervention plan designed . Having an identity in each case, allows us to ensure the result from the experience, establishing a balance between customization and standardization

Our services by intervention area

HIPO: Evaluación de Potencial

Potential Evaluation:

We help companies identify potential talent through their own development model based on a multi-source concept with strong theoretical support. Its heart lies in Performance Engineering.

Intended to:
  • Promising Talents
  • Average management with projection to Executive positions

INSIGHT: Leadership Laboratory

Our focus

We seek to enhance the leadership profile through self-knowledge and the learning community method, in a protected environment and space.

Intended to:
  • Management levels and Directors

MIRROR: Leadership workshop

Our focus

Using the Hogan Evaluation System as a starting point, we offer a self-knowledge workshop, where we approach with different didactic and methodological resources a plan of self-development focused on how to take care of the Personal Brand, as a leader, in tune with the main motivational factors that affect performance.

Intended to:
  • Mid-level management

SIEMBRA: JPs Program

Our focus:

The program seeks to introduce young professionals to leadership skills in the context of their organization and the path of development that the company has. The three dimensions of leadership that we address are:
-Lead yourself
-Lead others
-Lead the business

Intented to:
  • Young Professionals

IMPROVE: Individual or Grupal Coaching

Our focus:

We intervene in Coaching processes with a performance oriented approach. We are broad in our approach and do not stick to any dogma or school in particular. Yes, we comply with and abide by the guidelines of the ICF.

Intended to:
  • Managers and Executives

GPS: Labora Transition

Our focus:

The most important thing for us is to contain the person in transition. Our approach focuses on achieving a strengthening of self-esteem and addressing a working plan for the present and the future that represents a personal and professional project.

Intended to:
  • Different levels of the organization


Our focus:

The global trend in a VUCA world is to achieve sustainable organizations. Coaching is effective and focused, but mentoring became the paradigm of the time. We face this educational and development strategy for different needs:

  • Career mentoring from the training of senior management as mentors of the replacement cadres of the organization, which in turn contemplates work with the mentees.
  • Peer mentoring: We focus our work on the sustainable development of organizational capacity to achieve your business goals and objectives.
  • Reverse mentoring: Technology and its vertiginous growth, generated a paradigm shift in management. Those who occupy leading positions are very likely to belong to another technological interface to the current one. Therefore, they have to lead teams where their managers dominate the codes of the technological vanguard associated with interpersonal relationships in a work environment. For this matter, the program aims for the new generations to guide managers, managers or directors with trends and cutting-edge issues that will allow them to be more effective leaders in the 21st century.

  • Intended to
    • Different levels of the organization

TRAINING: Training Taylor made and off the shelf

Our focus:

Our educational strategy combines pills, toolkit, serious game and the necessary reflection quota to transfer what is learned to the task. The monitoring and evaluation of the impact from what is incorporated in the learning space is part of our success. We are more ”learning than training”.

Intended to:
  • Different levels of the organization

DNA: Cultural Transformation

Our focus:

Every change affects the strategy and requires a cultural alignment through a change management methodology.

  • Generating a sense of urgency especially at management levels
  • Developing communication, team and leadership devices across the entire organization
  • Measuring the impact
  • Ensuring transformation through quick wins
  • Inspiring commitment through integration

In the merging and acquisitions processes we apply a model of Cultural DueDilligence that allows to visualize based on the Required Culture the facilitators and restrictors for the success of the integration in the new organization.

Intended to:
  • All the organization


Our focus:

A team´s performance depends on several factors and is not solved with the magic pill of a TeamBuilding. A process perspective more comprehensive than a recreational event.

We focus on developing the path of dysfunctionality to the functionality of a team. The fundamental pillars are constituted by the construction of trust, self-knowledge and the elaboration of an action plan and its follow-up.


Our focus:

Stage 1: When the transformation is blocked by management levels, it is essential to break that barrier and generate the change in an inverse way. The operating levels have the energy and the commitment to overcome the resistance that change demands.
Stage 2: The organizational silos culture interferes brutally in the face of technological evolution or that which imprints a world centered on the customer experience. An inter-area transversal approach at the level of middle management is the key we find to change the organization and achieve the goals of the required transformation.

Intended to:
  • All levels of the organization


Our focus:

We propose to go beyond the climate and for this we develop a model of Organizational Wellbeing focused on positive emotions and a sustainable program that strengthens the inter and intra-area links.

Intended to:
  • All the organization


Our focus:

The VUCA world is more challenging, requires agility, speed, synchrony, optimizing times and, above all, a holistic management approach. Kaleidos allows organizations to combine the social and technical system so that culture accompanies the business demands.

  • It is a holistic learning space where different dimensions converge to englobe the management of an organization
  • It is a space where emotional intelligence and cooperation are the axis of learning and transformation processes
  • It is a catalyst to move from a current culture to a required one
Intended to:
  • All the organization


Our focus:

Our experience taught us that the operating framework of an organization begins with the understanding of its history, the definition of the organization´s purpose, its structure and corporate composition, the different audiences, eco-system and the management and control model that you want to exercise. The destiny of the company will depend on these factors that, like any living system, are in constant tension. Therefore, we help the directories to clarify, define and arrange the best practices according to the main international protocols to rule the organization.


Our focus:

The current world is not static, it is a liquid space, volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and complex. Therefore, before formulating initiatives, it is essential to display a divergent thinking that does not inhibit the multiple options and opportunities that the business presents. The plan will emerge, having crossed the tunnel of creativity and possibility in a more ordered and defined process.



  • It is a platform for running evaluations of type 180, 360 or one-to-one performance We have our own evaluation design based on the four domains of the Hogan Evaluation System.
  • Feedback 360º/180ª according to the organization´s competencies and values.
  • Performance evaluation
  • Climate and culture survey
  • Performance workflow & tracking

Idiomas: Spanish, English, Portuguese and German

Intended to:
  • RRHH
  • Comunications
  • Marketing


If you are thinking about a simulation game or an app. Consult us and we think together the solution.

Intended to:
  • RRHH
  • Marketing
  • R&D
  • Supply-Chain


If your company needs to work on something, here we are for you to challenge us. We do not do magic, but we have the creativity quota to make something that surprises you.

Intended to:
  • All the organization
  • Spanish
  • English