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Culture Survey

The Denison Organizational Culture Survey (DOCS) is designed to offer a comprehensive and easy analysis of the cultural dynamic of a company.

It assesses the underlying cultural characteristics and management practices which affect performance.

This strong diagnosis adds value to the following processes:

Integration of mergers and acquisitions.

Culture adaptation to support the implementation of strategies.

Assessment and improvement of organizational and team performance.

Drastic change and organizational transformation.

Management of major and complex change initiatives.

Definition of the needs for institutional development or training needed for cultural change.

Addition of value and impact to opinion and commitment surveys of current employees.


Making of an organizational culture survey based on the Denison Model offers a clear idea of the behaviors that need changing within the organization to achieve better performance.

The survey will compare this with 1,000 other organizations and will provide you with a starting point to evaluate future improvements.

At Compass Latam, we represent Denison Consulting, and we offer an open edition of the certification in Spanish that we teach with other colleagues of the region.

This certification will allow you to understand in depth the world’s leading organizational culture diagnostic tool. There will be 5 sessions per month.

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