Team’s Space


“Here, we work in silos.”

A topic brought up in our conversations with Talent leaders.

Isolated teams with confusing leadership.

Little communication between members and with the rest of the organization.

Lack of clear goals.

Conflicts that are neither faced nor resolved.

Compass Latam recommends: Synergy, even more than team building.

We define the team’s vision, the beacon, together with the leader.

We create mutual knowledge dynamics.

We understand how we look, how we are seen and how we are, with scientific data provided by Hogan Assessments System,

We allow productive conversations.

We work on trust.

We define an action plan.

We carry out a follow-up.


The experience that your teams need to know each other and achieve results. Designed from the assessment made by Hogan Assessment Systems, international leader in personality tests.

3 major objectives, in a 1-day program:



Roles of high-performance teams.

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