Experiences that transform leaders, teams, and organizations

We help you make changes in people with an impact on your company.

From self-awareness to performance, and from action to culture.

We are Compass Latam, moving on together.

They trust us

We work with our clients, heads of Talent and Human Resources, in terms of spaces

Individual Space

Executive Coaching, On Demand Coaching , Analysis of Potential.

Team’s Space

Synergia, Teaming.

Organization’s Space

Mirror Workshop, Women Leaders Program, the Leader’s Path, Open and Action Space, Safety Culture Program.

We are authorized representatives and distributors in the region of the most recognized talent and culture assessments

Collect key data of personality to maximize the success of your company. Select talent, predict performance, and develop self-awareness of your people.
Change your culture to improve performance with a world-class diagnostic survey.

FishEye®️, our online solutions platform for the management of performance and human capital.

In our coaching processes, Talent accesses the follow-up of each session, with reports and specific actions.
FishEye®️ also allows us to send different kinds of surveys: 360, culture, environment, potential, and adaptation to the job assessments.

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