Individual Space

Executive Coaching

We provide support during our process for the development of leaders, aligned with the company’s expectations and goals.

Which qualities make us different and why do companies are increasingly choosing us?

We use Hogan Assessment Systems as a tool for analysis and self-awareness. This system provides you with deep information about your bright side, your derailers and your values.

We have Fisheye, a platform of our own from which HR and the leaders can carry out an agile follow-up online in connection with each participant, in the cloud.

Our team of coaches is diverse, with a broad professional background.

We create horizontal indicators that allow us to identify common patterns and cross problems for HR management, achieving an impact on other processes and the business.

On Demand Coaching

It is a process to initiate a leader or collaborator to work on their development, based on the topics and needs of your interest, with one of the coaches from our team. All processes start with the Hogan self-awareness assessment.

When should we choose On Demand?

If you want to improve your self-awareness.

If you changed your position and you want to revise or adopt new strategies.

If you are bored with the place where you are.

If you feel you have trouble with facing difficult conversations with your peers, bosses, or the people you directly report to.

If you are passionate about exploring new ways to grow.

If you want to stop and think about your professional growth.

Analysis of Potential

Our process is a deep study and with scientific validation which involves different tools: the information provided by Hogan, with a BEI interview in depth and a resume of each employee.

We establish different steps in which each participant receives feedback on the different evaluation stages and HR receives a consolidated report including levels of potential, development suggestions (even for leaders) and next steps suggested.

We are backed 12 years of talent mapping in leader companies both in Argentina and the region.

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